Usage of Checklists

People use checklists for two reasons. One is because there is no room for error. Aviation industry uses the maximum number of checklists. Pilots do more than 150+ checks before every take off. They use checklists not because they do not know their job, but because there is no room for error.

People also may use checklists for preventing errors committed by those who are new to the job. Since no two projects are identical, during project planning, one need to plan for the check sheets to be used during the project management life cycle like;

  • Requirements review checklists
  • Contract review checklists
  • Design review checklists
  • Quality related checklists

There is a cost associated with designing check lists, training people to collect and analyse data, collecting data, collating data, analyzing data and then taking corrective / preventive actions. All these costs are part of the price of conformance and must be factored into project cost estimates.

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