Project Management Professional PMP certification training

Online, Instructor led, Project Management Professional certification training – There are umpteen number of project management training providers in this world. Among them the following factors differentiates us from the rest;

  • The right mix of theory, real life examples delivered online through weekly classes
  • On demand online modules with video lessons, explanations and quizzes to reinforce the knowledge gained in the weekly online classes
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers who has in-depth understanding agile, predictive and hybrid project management
  • Our vast experience in conducting project management professional training. In fact, we started PMP training in the year 2005.
  • Crisp and clear reference material (less than 120 pages)
  • Sufficient PMP exam practice

All these factors put together, we will help you to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt itself within 4 to 7 weeks time from the start of the training program.

The PMdistilled Project Management Professional Training Program

As discussed above, our project management professional certification training course has the right blend of theory, experience sharing and exam practice which makes it relevant, easy to understand and remember. The PMdistilled project management professional training programs covers predictive , agile and hybrid project management. We have in-depth understanding of these project management approaches gained through consulting and research. That helps us to simplify the complexity of these models. Since the year 2005, more than 20,000 professionals have benefited from our project management professional training programs. The project management professional certification (PMP), which is the most popular world wide certification is highly recommended if you are serious about a career in project management related fields. It has almost become a prerequisite to even apply for certain project management positions.

Who must attend this course?

  • Ideal for experienced as well as inexperienced professionals who want to master professional project management according to a globally recognized standard.
  • Those who want to add value to their career profile.
  • Those who want to collaborate and contribute better in professional project management environment
  • Last but not the least, those who want to manage their work as projects and succeed.

Pre-requisites for PMP certification

  • Graduate degree with a minimum of 4 years work experience.
  • Non-graduates with a minimum of 7 years work experience.
PMP preperation training

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs – about PMP credential and the PMdistilled PMP Program

Key benefits of the PMP certification

  1. You will have good understanding professional project management based on a globally accepted standard, the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK) by PMI, USA. This reduces the learning curve.
  2. This knowledge will help you to collaborate and contribute better in project environments
  3. PMP certification provides equal weightage for both predictive and agile project management, hence has wider application across domains. The concepts learned here are equally applicable for construction projects and for I.T / New product development projects.
  4. Many countries and companies insist for PMP certification for project management related jobs. With a PMP certification, you will be able to apply for these jobs.
  5. Last but not the least, you will be able to manage your work / projects more effectively

Key features of our PMdistilled PMP training course

The PMdistilled Premium PMP Success Program, architected and delivered by highly qualified professionals with proven track record in project management and with the passion to share their knowledge with others, comprises of;

  • Weekly online, instructor led classes with all course participants together
  • Easy and crisp reference material (less than 100 pages) covering PMP exam 2022 contents.
  • On demand lessons (recorded video lessons, assessments) will help you to study at your convenient time.
  • Realistic practice tests.
  • Online doubt clarification (Whatsapp) by default and if required special doubt clarification sessions.

Collectively, all these make the learning easier and faster.

The results are very exciting. We have a track record of 98% pass in the first attempt itself, without using any other reference material.

The 10 modules of the PMdistilled PMP fastrack Program

The PMdistilled PMP fastrack program consists of 10 modules. The first five modules covers the key concepts of predictive project management. Module#6 covers agile and hybrid. Modules 7 & 8 covers the models and methods that can be effectively used to manage projects. The 9th and 10th modules are dedicated to exam practice.

  • Introductory session with the Instructor
  • Introduction to the course
  • Predictive, Agile & Hybrid projects
  • Selecting the best projects
  • Appointing the right project manager
  • Developing the project management approach
  • Meeting with Instructor
  • Predictive project management
  • Project initiation
  • Developing the project charter
  • Identifying the stakeholders
  • Project planning
  • Collecting requirements
  • Defining scope
  • Decomposing the scope into Work Breakdown Structure
  • Meeting with instructor
  • Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)
  • Cost estimation
  • Organizational structures
  • Defining project’s OBS
  • Defining control accounts
  • Developing project’s budget
  • Scheduling
  • Meeting with instructor
  • Plan quality management
  • Plan resource management
  • Plan communications management
  • Plan risk management
  • Plan procurement management
  • Plan stakeholder engagement
  • Meeting with instructor
  • Direct and manage project work
  • Manage project knowledge
  • Manage quality
  • Acquire resources
  • Develop, manage team
  • Manage communications
  • Implement risk responses
  • Conduct procurements
  • Manage stakeholders
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Closing project / phase
  • Meeting with Instructor
  • What is Agile?
  • Agile team organization
  • Key agile ceremonies
  • Agile estimation
  • Agile artifacts
  • Definition of done (DoD)
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Hybrid project management
  • Meeting with Instructor
  • Introduction to models & methods
  • Situational leadership II
  • OSCAR Model
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Gulf of execution and evaluation
  • Hygiene and motivational factors
  • Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic motivation
  • Theory of needs
  • Theory X,Y,Z
  • Managing change
  • ADKAR model
  • The eight step change process
  • Meeting with Instructor
  • Virginia Satir change model
  • Transition model
  • Cynefin framework
  • Stacey matrix
  • Tuckman ladder
  • Drexler / Sibbet team performance
  • Conflict model
  • Negotiation
  • Planning process groups
  • Salience model
  • Meeting with Instructor

Project Management Professional Training by PMRI – Key features

  • We eliminate information overload about PMP and provide a clear path for PMP success and support it with coaching and material.
  • 10 Weekend classes (online, instructor led)
  • 10 highly structured and flexible modules
  • Covers Predictive, Agile and Hybrid Project Management required for PMP exam 2022
  • Weekly classes / doubt clarification sessions at mutually convenient timings
  • Crisp reference material (less than 120 pages). No other reference material is required except PMBOK.
  • Online exam practice with realistic sample questions
  • Experienced and dedicated trainers
  • 35 contact hours certificate
  • 99% pass rate on the first attempt
  • Already trained more than 30,000 professionals starting from the year 2005
  • Highly economical

We will simplify your preparation and help you to pass the PMP certification on the first attempt.

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  • Exam practice
  • Meeting with Instructor
  • Exam practice
  • Meeting with Instructor
  • 35 contact hours course completion certificate

Apply for PMP exam
  • Doubt clarification support while applying for PMP
  • Doubt clarification support till exam date
  • Write exam
  • Share the success story with us.

Program flow chart

Project Management Professional training - online instructor led training program structure
PMP Success story

I have already referred a few friends to PMRI and will continue to do so in the future. This course is the best way to get ready for the PMP certification. The course covers all the concepts in the PMBOK. The PMRI guides and modules remove all the apprehension you feel when perusing the PMP. You were always available, and I enjoyed learning project management from PMRI. 

Thank you very much for your support.

Kamal Vignesh Surendran PMP

Success Stories

I am glad to inform you that I passed PMP today. Thanks for your support. Ola Dipe PMP

Passed PMP today. Thanks for the solid foundation and continuous communication. Sai Ganesh PMP, India

I passed my PMP exam on the first attempt with above average proficiency in all areas. I relied on the PMdistilled PMP program for my preparation… Murali Kolathuru PMP, USA

I passed my PMP exam on the first attempt. Did it without even opening PMBOK once. I relied completely on the PMdistilled resources…. Kumar Sekar PMP, Singapore

This is Rajesh Kumar from Dubai. Very much happy to inform you that I passed the PMP exam. Your course was very effective. Many thanks for your support and guidelines. … Rajesh Kumar PMP

I too passed PMP exam yesterday. Thanks a lot for the training. It helped a lot to prepare for the exam. Regards Ranjit N.P  PMP

I have passed my PMP certification in the first attempt itself.. Thank You Lord & thanks for your PMdistilled classes. Have a Blessed Day.  Sheeba PMP

It is evident that your training, notes, presentations and simulation exams are of utmost benefit and necessity to pass the exam. They even go beyond that to teach skills and techniques for life. Thank you so much for your efforts and support throughout the process. Regards, Abbas Moussawi PMP

I passed my PMP last Saturday. Thank you for your help and support. Regards Sakeer Valappil PMP, Regional IS Coordinator ME & Asia Kenya Airways

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