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Help your organization / teams to practice proactive project management through Integrated Progress Monitoring & Control, Better collaboration, Forecasting of schedule and cost, Improved risk management. By doing so, you will transform yourself into the leadership position…..

Schedule slippages, cost overruns, scope creep… we have been hearing this for long now. On one side there are tremendous innovations in project management tools and methods. The cost of ownership of these project management tools have also come down due to cloud based project management tools. Still there are large number of projects plagued by schedule and cost overruns.

Organizational initiatives

Here is list of project management related organizational initiatives failing to deliver their true potential;

  • Integrated progress monitoring and control
  • Agile transformation projects
  • Portfolio management
  • Program management
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Risk driven project management
  • Quality improvement programs etc.

Main root causes leading to the failure of organizational initiatives

Eight major causes leading to failures of organizational change management initiatives are;

  • Lack of sense of urgency
  • Failing to create a sufficiently powerful core team
  • Having no compelling vision
  • Under communicating the vision
  • Allowing obstacles to obstruct the new vision
  • Failing to create short term wins
  • Declaring victory too soon
  • Neglecting to institutionalize the change in the corporate culture

These root causes or risks can be either avoided or mitigated with proven proactive actions by knowledgeable and skilled change agents. If these are done in the right sequence, that will improve the effectiveness of these initiatives.

In the past, we have helped organizations to;

  • Implement Integrated project management approach (data driven project management) for EPC companies
  • Move from reactive project management to proactive project management
  • Embrace the culture of proactive risk management
  • Transition from predictive to agile / hybrid project management for I.T organizations

If your organization / team is facing project management challenges like the ones listed below,

  • Non availability of accurate project progress information on time
  • Detection of risks very late in projects
  • Poor collaboration among stakeholders
  • Delays in billing milestones
  • Snag management delays

They are actually opportunities to demonstrate your leadership potential to the key stakeholders.

It does not matter whether you are a decision maker or a decision influencer, If you foresee potential opportunities to help your organization / teams to embrace changes in the way they manage projects, , then we would like to start a conversation with you.

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