Enterprise Agility Maturity Model based transformations

Organizations world over are embracing agility like never before. As they face increased competition from their traditional competitors as well as from other businesses, enterprise agility is increasingly becoming mandatory for survival and growth. Banks Vs Online payment companies is a classical example of competition from other forms of businesses. Improving agility is a journey, not a destination. In the past we journeyed with many organizations starting from startups to very large multinational corporations from banking, telecom, marketing, product development and software development.

Project Management Information Systems Analysis & Design

Project Management Information System is fundamental to project management decision making. Real time project progress information is key to effective monitoring, forecasting and controlling of projects. Deciding on the right project management system very early in the project is crucial for project’s success. The key parameters for selecting the right project management systems vary based on the type of projects and the project management approach. In the past we along with our partners have helped very large EPC projects to achieve almost real time progress monitoring and control.

Project Management Education, Research & Development

Our world need competent project managers. Unfortunately there is always shortage for qualified project managers. This is one of the key reasons for project failures. Sunk costs in failed projects makes a deep dent on the environment as well as on the investors money. We already served more than 20,000 professionals to master professional project management. Our highly researched programs make project management learning easy and interesting with real life examples. We offer both paid and highly subsidized training programs for the most deserving candidates (subject to availability of sponsors).

Enterprise Agility Guide
Enterprise agile maturity model comprises of 5 agile maturity levels to be achieved by organizations to get the best benefits of business agility.

Improving agility in very large organizations is a journey, not a destination. Like every other journey, a map or a guide defined and refined by the many who traversed the path before will make the journey easier. Enterprise agility maturity model is created to provide direction to all those who wish to take their organizations, teams through the agile agile journey. Enterprise agility maturity model will provide you with five clear cut stages an organization have to move through to reap the best business benefits of enterprise agility.


PMIS selection Guide

Have you ever seen organizations leveraging all the features available in the tools they procured, after having paid for the entire feature set? Most probably the answer wor\uld be ‘No’. We have also found organizations investing in multiple tools with almost the same functionality. For example recently we came across a very large organization using different EDMS for each department. The PMIS selection guide captures years of collective wisdom of project management information system users, buyers and sellers.


PMdistilled Program Guide

People approach standards based project management education as if it is a very complex. Because of this mindset, many either do not even start it, or if started do not complete it. Our experience with more than 20,000 plus professionals over 15 years, helped us to define and refine the PMdistilled Guide and the PMdistilled PMP program to it’s present level. Any graduate, with some hands on project experience will be able to accomplish their PMP credential by spending approximately 40 to 50 hours of preparation.