Co-creating value through collaborative Research, Consulting & Knowledge sharing

Volunteer as a research associate

  • EPC Project challenges & best practices
  • Agile project challenges & best practices
  • Hybrid project management
  • New product development & launching
  • Digital PMO tools
  • Organizational change management
  • Managing unknown risks
  • Application of AI in project management
  • Preventive and breakdown maintenance
  • Health, Safety & Environment

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Digital PMO for EPC Projects – Research

Lack of visibility into the project progress is the number one cause for delays in EPC projects. Digital PMO is the solution. Our ongoing research about DPMO is aimed to assist EPC project owners and contractors to understand;

  • Digital PMO?
  • The benefits it can provide to both owners and contractors
  • The common feature sets of digital PMO
  • The leading Digital PMO tools for EPC projects
  • The implementation steps, cost and timeframes
  • The common risks and ways to address them
  • Future trends in monitoring and controlling projects

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Product Management Support

Product Idea validation, Defining the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Developing the product, Developing marketing strategies, Cash flow management, making the strategies work…that is really complex. Very often, the original product idea may initially flop and at the same time can become successful after a series of product pivots.

Valid idea, Rigor in development, Marketing and Money are all equally important to succeed.

While product planning and development is important, striking the right partnerships with others is equally or even more important. If you have a product or product idea, we would like to listen about it so that we can help you to strike the right partnerships after validating the product.

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PMP Certification training

The PMP certification by PMI, covers both predictive and agile project management. Irrespective of whether you really aspire to become a high value project manager, or your focus is only on getting certified in project management, we welcome you to our project management (PMP) training / mentoring program.

Our PMP training program has the right blend of Theory, Practice and are delivered by industry experts.

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Agile Implementation Support using Scrum framework

We have partnered with several organizations to transform their teams from waterfall to agile using scrum framework. These include teams from Automobile, Power, Banking, Telecom and Software industres. While many of them are very large organizations, they include small and medium size industries as well. Our agile implementation insights gained from hands on experience helped us to deliver desired results consistently.

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Project Management Education Support

We are announcing scholarships for PMP certification training. Every month, we choose a group most promising candidates for this Scholarship, which will help them to attend the PMP online instructor led training absolutely free under the guidance of highly experienced and proven project management trainers.

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Agile Project Management with Scrum Workshop at National Bank Of Oman

Agile Project Management using Scrum Workshop at the National Bank Of Oman, Muscat conducted along with Pioneer Institute