Digital PMO for EPC Projects

Flying an aircraft and managing a project are two very different tasks, but they do share some similarities in terms of the required skills and the mindset needed to be successful. Here are some comparisons between flying an aircraft and managing a project:
  1. lanning and preparation: Both flying an aircraft and managing a project require a lot of planning and preparation before the actual work can begin. Pilots and project managers must take into account factors such as weather, equipment, resources, and team members to ensure a safe and successful flight or project.
  2. Risk management: Pilots and project managers must also be adept at managing risks. In aviation, this means constantly monitoring the weather, aircraft systems, and other factors to ensure safety. In project management, it means identifying potential risks and creating contingency plans to mitigate them.
  3. Communication: Clear communication is crucial in both flying and project management. Pilots must communicate effectively with air traffic control, other pilots, and their crew members. Project managers must communicate effectively with their team members, stakeholders, and clients to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  4. Decision-making: Pilots and project managers must make quick and informed decisions under pressure. In aviation, this means assessing situations and making split-second decisions that could mean the difference between life and death. In project management, it means assessing risks, making decisions based on data, and adapting to changing circumstances.
  5. Attention to detail: Both flying an aircraft and managing a project require attention to detail. Pilots must pay close attention to their instruments, aircraft systems, and the environment around them. Project managers must pay close attention to timelines, budgets, and deliverables to ensure that everything stays on track.

What will happen if the information radiator is faulty? What happens if the decision makers do not have the right information on time for decision making? That is where lies the significance of Digital PMO in project management, especially in EPC projects.

Before getting into further discussions about Digital PMO, let us take a quick look at traditional Project Management Office (PMO) and the limitations of traditional PMOs.

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Practical aspects of digital PMO (dPMO)

Here is a discussion between Mr. Varghese Daniel, CEO, Wrench Solutions and Mr. Abrachan Pudusserry, Director, Project Management Research Institute about Strategies for successful implementation of Digital PMO in EPC Projects. Key points discussed include;

  • What is a PMO?
  • Types of PMOs as defined by Gartner and Project Management Institute?
  • Benefits of having a PMO?
  • Key components of a PMO
  • Key challenges of manual PMO
  • Digital PMO
  • Key benefits of having a digital PMO in EPC Projects
  • Critical success factors for implementing a digital PMO
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Trending Project Management Certifications of 2023

It is difficult to predict exactly which project management certifications will be trending in 2023, as the field is constantly evolving and new certifications may be introduced. However, some of the most well-respected and widely recognized project management certifications currently include:

  • PMP (Project Management Professional) from the Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) from PMI
  • PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) from AXELOS
  • ScrumMaster from Scrum Alliance
  • Six Sigma from American Society for Quality (ASQ)

These certifications have a strong reputation in the industry and are likely to remain in high demand in the future. To learn more about the highly recommended project management certifications for Year 2023 Click here

The success criteria of projects no more revolve around Time, Cost & Scope. A fourth dimention is added to it, that is ‘Value’ delivery. That makes project manager’s role more strategic than tactical. Successful project managers are true leaders driving the team to maximise value within time, cost and scope. That opens up great opportunties for growth for ambitious professionals.

Add Globally recognized Project Management Credential and Skills to your profile & skills portfolio.

Whatever may be your domain (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Procurement, Information technology, Communication, Quality, Administration, Marketing or even running own business…) you will be able to deliver better value to your customers and employers by developing applicable project management skills a and by getting endorsement for your project management from a global body like the Project Management Institute (PMI, USA). The PMP certification by PMI, covers both predictive and agile project management. Irrespective of whether you really aspire to become a high value project manager, or your focus is only on getting certified in project management, we welcome you to our project management (PMP) training / mentoring program.

Many of our PMP training participants scaled greater heights in thier project management career after passing their PMP and by demonstrating the knowledge gained at their work. Our PMP training program has the right blend of Theory, Practice and are delivered by industry experts. Click to learn more

Agile transformations

We have partnered with several organizations to transform their teams from waterfall to agile using scrum framework. These include teams from Automobile, Power, Banking, Telecom and Software industres. While many of them are very large organizations, they include small and medium size industries as well. Our agile implementation insights gained from hands on experience helped us to deliver desired results consistently.

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Project management research : We co-create value through collaborative research with research volunteers on globally accepted project management best practices and emerging project management trends covering;


Project management consulting : We work with organizations and teams to improve their agility, project progress visibility by focusing on digitized integrated progress monitoring & control along with PM best practices.


Project management training : We conduct standard as well as a customized project management training for organizations and individuals, leading to project management capability and credential enhancement.

Agile Project Management with Scrum Workshop at National Bank Of Oman

Agile Project Management using Scrum Workshop at the National Bank Of Oman, Muscat conducted along with Pioneer Institute

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