Get Scrum (Agile) certification in 1 hour

SCRUM is the most popular framework among the agile family of frameworks like XP, Crystal, SAFE, Disciplined Agile, TDD etc. Scrum is simple and domain independent. With PMI promoting Hybrid project management which allows the combination of predictive and agile project management, knowledge of agile is becoming mandatory for all project managers irrespective of their domain.

We are offering this free one hour on demand scrum training to help all those who want to understand agile. The best method to master Agile is to master SCRUM completely before trying to learn all the jargon and best practices available in the agile world. Instead of remaining as a jack of all agile frameworks and master of none, this training will help you to be master of scrum before getting into everything out there.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will learn;

  • Roles and responsibilities of;
    • Scrum master
    • Product owner
    • Development team
  • Scrum ceremonies like;
  • Sprint planning meeting
    • Daily Scrum
    • Sprint review
    • Sprint retrospective
  • Scrum artifacts like;
    • Product backlog
    • Sprint backlog
    • Definition of done
    • Product increment

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