Process Analysis

We perform process analysis to define new processes, tailoring or optimizing existing processes or for conducting process performance reviews. Every process has a set of inputs, the process steps to be performed and a set of outputs. Process model worksheet is the best tool for process analysis.

A process model worksheet is a simple yet powerful tool for defining new processes, analysing an existing process to make it zero defect. The steps are as follows;

  1. Name the process
  2. Scope the process by defining the starting activity and the ending activity
  3. Identify the outputs, customers and output requirements
  4. Identify the inputs,suppliers and input requirements
  5. Define the controlling inputs

Once this much is clarified, the work/process under consideration can be well understood, so that it proofed to perfection.

I like this process due to it’s simplicity and focus on execution than just talking about big profound motherhood statements like ‘We should improve….:-)

Reference : Quality education system by Crosby

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