Request for feedback to serve you and the project management community better

Agile is excellent. Predictive project management is even better. Leveraging the strengths of these two intelligently to make the projects successful is very practical and many of the organizations are practicing hybrid project management very effectively. We are really glad to see this independent view of ours gaining wider acceptance these days. Thanks to PMI, for incorporating the same views in the latest version of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). This is the project management practitioner’s perspective.

When it comes to project management education perspective, our experience is totally different. When we try to educate a project management professional both Agile and Predictive together, that becomes very difficult to understand and comprehend for them. That is because some of the fundamentals of predictive and agile are different and even conflicting.

Hence our new project management training program is highly modular and comprises of a stack of four programs;

  1. Predictive Project Management (PPM)
  2. Agile Project Management (PPM)
  3. Hybrid Project Management (HPM)
  4. PMP Content & Certification focus

These are our thoughts based on experience, and we have started developing these training programs with the hope of making things easier for the learner of professional project management, for both the experienced and the novice.

Here is the help we need from you…

We have completed the week#1 module of the Predictive Project Management Course, which is part of the New 10 week PMP program. We are seeking early inputs / feedback from you to incorporate them into the subsequent modules and courses which will definitely help us to make these courses very learner friendly to serve you and the project management community better in the coming days. Your inputs are very valuable to us. Please spare a few minutes of your valuable time to share your experience and views with us.

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