Transforming weekly meetings into high power learning and networking opportunities

As the online learning gained global acceptance rapidly, the chemistry of the online classes have also changed. The first and noticeable thing I have observed is the diversity of the participants cutting across continents, industry domains and experience. This opens up tremendous opportunities to learn from each other and widen the perspective about global project management.

Even if instructor – course participant interaction on a weekly basis through the weekly meetings on every Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 7.30 am & pm are really useful, as the number of participants are increasing, these meetings are turning out to be great opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing among the participants. That is a great opportunity for all of us.

We informally piloted the following format for the weekly meetings in a couple of meetings and found to be extremely value adding.

To maximize the effectiveness of our weekly meetings we logically partitioned them into three phases;

  • Phase1 – Clarification of doubts – Every meeting will start with questions by participants regarding the topics / exam where they need more clarity and the instructor will answer them. If you come prepared with questions to be asked, this will happen in a structured way quickly.
  • Phase2 – Walk-through of the practice exam questions where the participants went wrong. Again participants must be ready to share the questions where they went wrong to the rest of the participants in the meeting.
  • Phase3 – Networking & Experience sharing by the participants

How to access the weekly meetings?

  • Go to
  • Go to contact us page
  • Click on the link ‘click to join zoom meeting’

These meetings happen on every Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 7.30 am & 7.30 pm India Standard Time (IST)

Though it is advisable to attend any one meeting, there are participants who are attending more than one meeting per week, because they are able to get value from these meetings.

Class room

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