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Predictive questions & scenarios

17. You have taken over a project during project planning and have discovered that six individuals have signed the project charter. Which of the following should most concern you? *
A. Who will be a member of the change control board
B. Spending more time on configuration management
I chose A but the correct option is B. The Project Charter or Project Brief or PID is quite often signed by many per the hierarchy or subject areas such as CEO, CFO, CTO, ED, Assistant Commissioner etc. In that case, changes in the project would face many signatures. Not sure how config management becomes a time consuming job. Please clarify.
40. You have been involved in creating the project charter, but could not get it approved. Your manager and his boss have asked that the project begin immediately. Which of the following is the best thing to do? *
C. Focus on completing projects that have signed project charters.
Correct answer
Answer B
Explanation The best thing to do would be to show the impact. This is the only choice that prevents future problems—always the best choice. The other choices just pretend the problem does not exist.
The answer should be B which I chose but system error crossed it out as incorrect.

This is one of those difficult questions. Most of those who attempt this one go wrong in the first attempt. Still we have included it in the sample questions to let the test takers know that you will get some questions like these also during the final exam, which is difficult to answer without gambling little bit. Any way there are no negative marks, which gives some room. When we are unable to answer a question, the best option is to ask these two questions;

  1. Is this the immediate thing I will do as a project manager?
  2. Is it within the professional ethics?

These two questions will help us to eliminate some at least two of the four options.

The key question is ' Which of the following will concern you the most?

Option 'A' who will be a member of the change control board , is not a concern, and not immediate, have more time to decide since you are in the planning phase.

Option 'B' - Spending more time in configuration management - Yes, this is a immediate concern. As there are more than one sponsor, as a project manager one has to keep track of the communication with all the key stakeholders (sponsors) with proper coding and filing (configuration management)

Option 'C' Getting a single project sponsor - You cannot do anything about it. The project has more than one sponsor. That is a fact. Project manager cannot change it.

Option 'D' - Determining the reporting structure - Is not a concern, you can do it since you are in planning.

Hence of the four options, Option-B is correct.

Since I have answered this question multiple times, I am able to give you an answer. Let us agree that this is one of the most difficult and confusing questions. You will get some like these in the final exam as well.



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