Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)

In construction projects, during the construction phase, the actual time on tools is only 37%. 63% of the workers time is spent on activities like waiting for materials and tools, equipment movement, crew movement, early exits etc. This is primarily due to lack of integration of the pre-construction activities of engineering, procurement and construction. Advanced … Read more

A blueprint to transform your workforce and how you do work

“Post-pandemic realities have provided us with the opportunity to contemplate new labour force strategies, WFH cost impacts, and improved processes to allow us to effectively manage a more remote workforce. How might all of these considerations impact your bottom line, as well as the competitiveness and resilience of your company?” In this paper, Varghese Daniel … Read more

$31.5 billion lost by firms in knowledge lost – PM network

Price of poor knowledge management = $31.5 billion Thirty one billion dollars is not not a small number. That is price of knowledge management, to be precise, poor knowledge management. It speaks volumes by itself. Every other software company is doing the lessons learned exercise at least at the end of the project, if not … Read more

Emergence of the Project Leader Role

From project manager to project leader, may sound crazy for at least some of my fellow professionals from the I.T industry where a Project manager role is considered as hierarchically above the project leader role. One first become a project leader, before becoming a project manager. The paradox is that Leaders are always considered at … Read more

The Top 5 Highest Paying PMP Jobs

Here is a well researched article about the value of PMP certification. This is to all who still debates about the value of it. After having trained more than 10000 professionals from various countries, I have seen many experienced project managers not qualifying for some great jobs because they are not PMP certified. Iam not … Read more

Evolution of the Hybrid Project Management Manifesto

The Hybrid Manifesto are our thoughts about the right attitude and spirit for successful adoption and excellence of Hybrid project management without any fear of violating either adaptive or predictive styles. I hope, this will help project management practitioners to increase project success rate by healthy adoption of Hybrid project management without any professional guilt.

Project Management Certifications. Which one to pursue?

Which project management career / certification to pursue?..that is a million dollar question which every professional face, at some point in time of their career.  The social media is quite misleading as new certifications are popping up every other day. This discussion is to clear the clutter while deciding on which project management certification to … Read more