Serving humanity through collaborative research, education and consulting of globally accepted project management practices. That is our guiding force. More than 20,000 professionals from across the world have benefited from our Project Management Education programs. We have successfully partnered with organizations to improve the agility of their project teams. We work closely with organizations to implement Integrated Project Monitoring & Control. We also conduct in depth research of the emerging trends in project management.


Every project is unique. Every phase within a project is unique. While deciding the project’s strategy one should not try to adhere to any one framework. Instead, we advocate the best from every framework. We conduct extensive research cutting across leading project management frameworks like;

  • The Project Management Body Of Knowledge by PMI, USA
  • Projects in Controlled Environment (PRINCE2)
  • Total Cost Management (TCM) framework by AACE
  • Agile & Lean
  • Other emerging practices


We work closely with teams from Engineering and Information technology projects to improve their agility. We help clients to identify the right outsourcing partners for their projects. We help them understand true agile and the benefits of agile contracting. We guide EPC projects to implement Integrated Project Monitoring & Control.

  • Transitioning teams into agile using scrum
  • Agile contracting
  • Agile outsourcing support for product development
  • Integrated project monitoring & control implementation


We educate professionals the best practices of project management

Certified Agile Methods Professional CAMP

Agile best practices are getting widely adopted by projects other than I.T projects now. It is no more Agile versus Traditional project management. It is Agility within traditional project management. PMRI-CAMP1 certification will introduce you to the agile methods which can improve the productivity and transparency project work, irrespective of the project’s domain.