PMdistilled Guide

PMdistilled Guide

Welcome to this intentionally low content book on professional project management, created for those who want to understand project management as fast as possible. That is the only justification for writing another book on project management which is not a new topic anymore. Irrespective of whether you are a novice or experienced project manager, this book will help you to understand standards based project management.

The first section of this book introduces you to predictive project management. The second section guides you through agile or adaptive project management and hybrid project project management. The third section will introduce you to the tools and techniques that will help you to manage projects well.

The annexures cover
Digital PMO
Tips to implement Agile using Scrum framework
Tips to prepare for PMP certification

PMdistilled Guide – Index

What is a project?

Projects, Programs & Portfolios

Selecting the right projects

Appointing the right Project Manager

Finalising the project management approach

Predictive Project Management
Project initiation

Project initiation & chartering

Key stakeholders identification & prioritisation

Project planning

Requirements elicitation

Scope definition

Product breakdown structure

Work breakdown structure

Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)

Cost estimation

Organisational structures

Defining the project’s organisation structure

Defining control accounts

Defining project’s budget

Plan quality

Plan resources

Plan communications

Plan risk management

Plan procurements

Plan stakeholder management

Plan for health, safety and environment



Direct and manage project work

Manage project knowledge

Manage quality

Acquire resources

Develop team

Manage communications

Implement risk responses

Conduct procurements

Manage stakeholder engagement

Implement health, safety and environment norms

Monitoring & Controlling project work

Control scope

Control schedule

Control costs

Control quality

Control resources

Monitor communications

Monitor risks

Control procurements

Manage stakeholder engagement


Close project / phase

Agile & Hybrid Project Management

What is Agile Project Management?

When to apply Agile Project Management?

The agile team

Key agile ceremonies

Agile artefacts

Agile estimation

Agile charter

Product backlog

Iteration backlog

User stories

Tracking board

Definition of Done (DoD)

Hybrid project management

Various models to help project managers

OSCAR model

Cross cultural communication

Effectiveness of communication channels

Gulf of execution and evaluation

Hygiene and motivational factors

Intrinsic versus Extrinsic motivation

Theory of needs

Theory X, Y, Z

Managing change in organisations


The 8 step process for leading change

Virginia Satir Change model

Transition model

Cynefin framework

Stacey matrix

Tuckman Ladder

Drexler / Sibbet team performance model

Conflict model



Process groups

Salience model


Digital PMO

Implementing Agile using Scrum framework

PMP Certification

A word from the Author

Working on the New PMdistilled Guide on an agile mode, making increments on a daily basis.

Abrachan Pudusserry

Enterprise Agility Coach, Project Management Domain Expert