New PMdistilled Guide 7

The New, lean and crisp guide to professional project management is the easiest way to master professional project management according to the users of the guide. The guide covers;

  • Predictive project management
  • Adaptive project or agile project management
  • Hybrid project management

1. Chapter#1 Introduction

  1. Introduction
  2. Selecting the best projects
  3. Portfolio, Programs and Projects
  4. Appointing the right project manager
  5. Finalizing the project management approach

2. Chapter#2 Introduction to Predictive Project Management


  1. Importance of formal project initiation and Project chartering
  2. Key stakeholders identification and prioritization


  1. Requirements elicitation
  2. Scope definition
  3. Decomposing the scope into work breakdown structure
  4. Developing the Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)
  5. Cost estimation
  6. Organizational structures
  7. Defining the project’s Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  8. Defining control accounts
  9. Defining project’s budget
  10. Scheduling


  1. Direct and manage project work
  2. Manage project knowledge
  3. Manage quality
  4. Acquire resources
  5. Develop team
  6. Manage team
  7. Manage communications
  8. Implement risk responses
  9. Conduct procurement
  10. Manage stakeholder engagement

Monitoring & Controlling

  1. Monitoring & Controlling project work
  2. Control scope
  3. Control schedule
  4. Control costs
  5. Control quality
  6. Control resources
  7. Monitor communications
  8. Monitor risks
  9. Control procurement
  10. Monitor stakeholder engagement
  1. Close project / phase

3. Chapter#3 Agile & Hybrid Project Management

Agile & Hybrid project management
  1. What is agile?
  2. When to apply agile project management?
  3. The agile team organization
    1. Product owner
    2. Iteration manager
    3. Team
  4. Key agile ceremonies
    1. Release planning
    2. Iteration planning
    3. Daily team meeting
    4. Iteration review
    5. Iteration retrospective
    6. Agile estimation
  5. Agile artifacts
    1. Agile Charter
    2. Product backlog
    3. Iteration backlog
    4. User stories
    5. Tracking board
    6. Definition of Done (DoD)
  6. Hybrid project management

4. Chapter#4 Various Models to help the project manager

  1. Situational leadership II
  2. OSCAR Model
  3. Cross cultural communication
  4. Effectiveness of communication channels
  5. Gulf of execution and evaluation
  6. Hygiene and motivational factors
  7. Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic motivation
  8. Theory of needs
  9. Theory X, Theory Y and Theory Z
  10. Managing change in organizations
  11. ADKAR Model
  12. The 8 step process for leading change
  13. Virginia Satir change model
  14. Transition model
  15. Cynefin framework
  16. Stacey matrix
  17. Tuckman Ladder
  18. Drexler / Sibbet team performance model
  19. Conflict model
  20. Negotiation
  21. Planning
  22. Process groups
  23. Salience model

A word from the Author

I am super delighted with the effectiveness of the New PMdistilled Guide Ver 7. There are many success stories where people relied only on this guide to master professional project management for their preparation towards project management related credentials. That is a good beginning. I want this guide to be useful for everyone to quickly understand project management. For that, intentionally, I have cut short on the number of pages with the reader in mind. This is the culmination of my professional life spanning four decades as project team member, project manager, project management trainer, coach, blogger and researcher. Hope you will also benefit from the PMdistilled Guide to Professional Project Management. I am open to all your queries and suggestions.

Abrachan Pudusserry

Enterprise Agility Coach, Project Management Domain Expert