Integrated Progress Monitoring & Control

One of the key challenges faced by projects globally is the non availability of accurate project progress information on time. Here are the key reasons for this;

  • Incompatible and fragmented systems
  • Improper definition of work packages
  • Insufficient definition of schedule data
  • Poor definition of rules of credit, leading to unreliable progress updates
  • Delay in updating progress
  • Manual systems

All these force project managers / stakeholders to operate without proper progress information. Because of this, they are always reactive as there is no base data for forecasting.

With the implementation of real time progress monitoring and control system, project managers and other key stakeholders of the project will be able to;

  • See real time progress of the project any time at the click of the mouse.
  • Forecast milestone completion date and cost
  • Better sequencing and completion of Engineering, Procurement and Construction work packages on time.
  • Reduce rework and delays during construction phase
  • Monitor and control project risks, before they occur

For a project, all these can be accomplished within 6 to 7 weeks, provided the senior management wants to make it happen.

Agile Project Management using Scrum framework

Before the start of every agile transformation assignment, we ask these two questions to the key stakeholders;

  • What is the average velocity of your project’s iterations?
  • Is it on the ascend or descend as the iterations progress?

If the client has clear data for these two questions, then we just congratulate them and walk out, because they have a very good implementation of agile in that particular project.

If the client do not have answers for these questions, then we are very confident of delivering value to the client and we accept it with confidence.

Even partial adoption of agile ceremonies can deliver value, and at the same time a perfect empiricism based implementation can really boost productivity and value delivery.

Based on historical data of our agile transformation consulting assignments, it takes hardly 6 days of coaching, spanning over the duration of the iteration (sprint) to transition from waterfall to agile using scrum framework.

Both Integrated Progress Monitoring & Control (IPMC) and Agile transformations need senior management commitment to succeed. If you are struggling with either lack of timely project progress information and progress or struggling with agility of your teams, then let us get into a conversation to understand the real problem / opportunity.

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