Qatar FIFA Worldcup 2022 – Strategy

Qatar has spent $230 Billion (230,000,000,000) for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is more than 10 times the expenditure incurred to host the previous FIFA World Cup in Russia. Majority of this investment is spent on building infrastructure for conducting the tournament. The direct revenue from the tournament is around $7 billion from sponsorships, broadcasting rights & betting sites. This amount goes to FIFA, which will be used to promote football in other countries. Qatar wll not benefit directly from this. In this scenario, how is Qatar justifying this huge investment in sports related infrastructure building. Watch the video for the detailed analysis of rationale behind the strategic business and execution strategies behind Qatar FIFA Worldcup 2022.

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Agile transformations

We have partnered with several organizations to transform their teams from waterfall to agile using scrum framework. These include teams from Automobile, Power, Banking, Telecom and Software industres. While many of them are very large organizations, they include small and medium size industries as well. Our agile implementation insights gained from hands on experience helped us to deliver desired results consistently.

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Agile Project Management with Scrum Workshop at National Bank Of Oman

Agile Project Management using Scrum Workshop at the National Bank Of Oman, Muscat conducted along with Pioneer Institute

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