Pro-active Project Management Information Systems

At the heart of successful project execution is the Project Management Information System (PMIS), which provides real time project progress information to the relevant stakeholders. Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) whch can provide only the variance analysis are re-active in nature.

We will help your teams to be pro-active by providing them with project management information systems which can provide both variance analysis and the future trend analysis. Ability forecast the expected date of completion and the expected cost of completion helps the teams to shift from reactive mode of management to pro-active project management, resulting in the following benefits;

  • More time for preventive actions, resulting in faster project execution and elimination of re-work.
  • Better cash flow management, by achieving payment milestones on time.
  • Creation of organizational knowledge assets which will improve decision making.

Establishing efficient project management information systems without disrupting the legacy systems of the participating entities of the project can be accomplished very quickly by the 3D approach of;

  • Define – Defining the scope of the Project Management Information System
  • Digitize – Digitizing the key project management workflows
  • Deploy – Deploying them quickly

Define the scope

The scope of the PMIS depends on whether you are a project owner, consultant, contractor, sub-contractor or a supplier. The scope of the PMIS has a major dependency on the nature of projects as well. As an owner, you may want to know only about the higher level progress information where as at the contractor, sub-contractor levels, one need to have low level progress information. Another key question to be answered is whether you want to monitor only the progress or the cost aspects as well. This has a major impact on PMIS scoping because one need to establish seamless integration with other systems for capturing actual costs. Hence the three vital questions that need to be answered are;

  • The user profile – Owner, Consultant, Contractor, Sub-contractor, Supplier
  • Nature of Projects – Engineering, Procurement, Construction
  • What to monitor & Control ? – Work progress, Cost, Risks, Quality, Communications, Procurement, Stakeholder engagement, Resource utilization, Changes, Safety etc.

Digitize the workflows

The major problem project managers are facing is the lack of accurate and current project progress information. This is because of the delays in status updates. The best way to solve this problem is to eliminate the need for status updates. This can be achieved by;

  • Digitizing the key data flows within the projects
  • Defining / embedding the rules of credit (weigtages) within the workflows, so that when the work progresses, the system can automatically update the progress information based on the pre-defined rules of credits.

Deploy PMIS

Our partners professional services team have the track record of implementing Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) in 9000+ projects across 27 countries. The average deployment time ranges between 8 to 12 weeks

If you are interested to switch to pro-active project management by implementing a robust project management information system which will provide real time project progress information, then contact us

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