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Predictive questions & scenarios - Scope Management 19072021

17. The development phase of a new software product is near completion. A number of quality issues have increased the cost of building the product, but the project manager and team feel these costs will be inconsequential once the project gets to market. The next phases are testing and implementation. The project is two weeks ahead of schedule. Which of the following processes should the project manager be most concerned with before moving into the next phase? *
C. Manage Communications
Correct answer
Didn't we stop validate the scope and start producing the product which missed the quality check? To me, Control Quality would have been an appropriate choice. Scope i.e. say "producing 10 ceiling fans" is locked in but making sure "those 10 ceiling fans don't have paint wrinkle on them" is an example of quality control. Please clarify.

Validating scope has two dimensions

  1. Finding the validity of the scope defined
  2. Validating the product against he defined scope

Before moving to the next phase, a formal hand over to the next phase is a best practice. Since the product is moving to the testing phase, and the project is ahead of schedule, 'validating the product against the agreed upon scope' for completeness  is the first and best step, before handing over the product to testing, which is the next phase.

Trust this clarifies.