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PMBOK Version7 and the PMP exam preparation

The new version of PMBOK, the PMBOK Version7 will get released on August 1st 2021. Naturally, those who are preparing for the PMP exam using PMBOK Version 6 must be worried and that worry is quite unnecessary for those who are following the PMdistilled PMP Success Program which is logically divided into;

  • Predictive Project Management ( Iterations 1 to 5)
  • Adaptive Project Management (Iterations 6,7,8)
  • PMP exam content 2021 mapping and Exam Practice (Iterations 9,10)

These 10 iterations are immune to the version changes as we are dealing with the core subject than relying on the structure of PMBOK alone.

Still it is important to understand the structure of PMBOK7 for which we will be publishing a series of articles titled 'Unboxing PMBOK7' which will help you to map to the new PMBOK very easily.

So, no need to worry, you must blindly focus on the PMdistilled Success Program and prepare for your exam.

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