Frequently Asked Questions about the PMdistilled PMP Success Program

  1. Does the PMdistilled PMP training cover the latest PMP Exam content? Yes, it covers the PMP exam content 2021, which is the latest.
  2. Do you provide the 35 contact hours training certificate which is mandatory for writing the PMP exam?. Yes we do.
  3. Is it compulsory that only Authorized Training Providers (ATP) can conduct PMP preparatory programs?. The answer is ‘No’. The following types of entities can conduct PMP preparatory programs and offer the 35 contact hours certificate. This include;
    1. PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)
    2. PMI Authorized Training Partners (ATPs)
    3. PMI chapters
    4. Employer/company-sponsored programs
    5. Training companies or consultants (e.g., training schools)
    6. Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment
    7. University/college academic and continuing education programs (Reference PMP Handbook Page 8). We fall into categories 5 & 6
  4. How much is the fees for PMdistilled PMP preparatory program?. The course fee for the Instructor led PMdistilled PMP success program is USD 160/-. You can either pay it as a single installment or in two equal installments. First payment need to be done only after the completion of module#1. In the quite unlikely event of you wanting to discontinue the course, you may do it after the completion of Module#1.
  5. How to pay?. Once you express your interest to attend the training, we will send you the bank details or paypal invoice.
  6. Refund policy – We do not refund the course fees, as the payment is collected only after the completion of module#1 so that the participants get amble time to check whether course suits them or not.
  7. What is the duration of the course?. You can decide the duration. 10 weeks time is ideal. If you prolong it too much, then it becomes a never ending story. It is better to complete it it 10 weeks time and then schedule the exam immediately with a gap of around 20 days, so that you can do some exam practice before writing the final exam.
  8. Once I register for the course, how long is the registration valid?. 1 year from the date of registration or your PMP certification, which one is earlier.
  9. Is the weekly meeting with the instructor mandatory?. Yes, it is mandatory because it will create some pressure for you to complete the course on time.
  10. What happens during the weekly meetings? – Mainly this is for doubt clarification and for providing an overview of the next week’s topics.
  11. How many participants will be there in the weekly meetings?. Generally it is a one to one meeting. At the max you will have less than 10 participants. We restrict the number of meeting participants to provide better personalized attention and support.
  12. If I need assistance in between how do I get it?. In such cases where you are unable to proceed, you can contact the instructor on whatsapp chat window at site.
  13. What is the timing of the weekly meetings?. The duration is maximum 60 minutes. We will try to complete in 30 minutes. The date and time will be decided by the instructor and participant once you join the course.
  14. In case I am unable to attend a meeting what happens?. – Reschedule the meeting to a mutually convenient time
  15. How to register for the course?. Express your interest first and we will guide you.
  16. Is the new PMP exam easier than the previous one? – I think so. Again it depends on your preparation.

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