Successful transformations using OSCAR model

A holistic view is imperative for the success of every transformation project. It all starts with the collective understanding and agreement of the desired outcome to be achieved. For example;

  • We want to achieve almost real time progress monitoring of projects
  • We want all our teams to follow agile project management using SCRUM as a framework
  • Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) from 30 to 80

No map is useful, if one do not know where he wants to go and the current position. Same holds good for the OSCAR model as well. After having a common understanding of the outcome, the OSCAR Model recommends the understanding of the current situation or where are we at the present moment. The current situation. Having known the goal and the current situation, the next important step is to know the ‘How to reach?’ part., or the choices, followed by committing to the best choices, and then defining the action steps with time lines. Then comes the reviews to monitor and control progress.

I see lot of similarities between the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) Deming cycle and the OSCAR Model. It is about planning to reach the right destination, taking action followed by checking and taking corrective actions.


O – Outcome (Your destination)

  • “What is your long term outcome?”
  • “What would success look like?”

S – Situation (Your starting point)

  • “What is the current situation?”
  • “What’s actually happening?”
  • “Describe the current situation.”

C – Choices and Consequences (Your route options)

  • “What choices do you have?”
  • “What options can you choose from?”
  • “What are the consequences of each choice?”
  • “Which choices have the best consequences?”

A – Actions (Your detailed plan)

  • “What actions will you take?”
  • “What will you do next?”
  • “How will you do it?”
  • “When will you do it, with whom?”

R – Review (Making sure you are on track)

  • “What steps will you take to review your progress?”
  • “With whom will you review your progress and when?”
  • “Are the actions being taken?”
  • “Are the actions moving you towards your outcome?”

Usage of OSCAR Model

  • Individual goal setting and achievement of goals
  • Group goal setting and achievement of group goals

The OSCAR model is also known as OSCAR coaching model as it is mainly used for coaching purposes.

As per the Project Management Body of Knowledge, OSCAR coaching model is used in Team and Project work performance domains. OSCAR coaching model is one of the situational leadership models along with Situational Leadership II

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