Assumptions & Constraints Analysis

Project decisions are made based on assumptions. Projects are constrained by time, cost and scope. Assumptions and constraints analysis consists of Analyzing the variances in assumptions and their impact on constraints throughout the project management life cycle.


It is impossible to plan a project without making assumptions. Examples of project related assumptions are;

  • Cement price (can fluctuate)
  • Steel prices (can fluctuate)
  • Manpower availability
  • Climatic conditions
  • Timely clearances to start work
  • Uniform soil conditions
  • Productivity assumptions

Assumptions analysis involves validating these assumptions throughout the planning, execution, monitoring&controlling phases of the project.


Projects are constrained by limited resources of time, cost and scope. Constraints analysis refers to analyzing and validating these constraints throughout the project life cycle.

Assumptions and constraints are mutually dependent. When assumptions go wrong, that has a major impact on time, cost and scope.

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