Developing Project Charter

  • Project charter is a document created during the initiation phase of projects
  • Project sponsor is accountable for creating the charter
  • The designated project manager may help the project sponsor to create the project charter
  • Project sponsor approves the project charter
  • Project sponsor can be an individual, individuals, organization or organizations
  • Any changes to the charter must be re-approved by the sponsor
  • Project charter contains;
    • High level scope of the project
    • Business case of the project including alternatives analysis
    • Major risks of the project
    • Major milestones with dates
    • Key stakeholder’s names, responsibilities, contact details etc
    • Project manager’s name, roles and responsibilities
    • Sponsor’s name, roles and responsibilities etc
  • Since the project manager’s name, roles and responsibilities are defined in the charter and is approved by the project sponsor, we say that the charter gives authority to the project manager
  • Without an approved project charter, resources will not be allocated to the project by other functions
  • Project chartering process ensures that only approved projects gets the green signal to start the project officially

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