Certified Agile Methods Practitioner Level#1(CAMP1)

Course objective

Upon completion of this course, participants will;

  • Learn the basic agile best practices
  • Learn to apply agile best practices for personal as well as professional projects
  • Understand the areas of application of agile best practices within traditional project management

Course duration – 2 hours

Who must attend : Any one who wants to understand agile and the application of agile best practices within projects (EPC, R&D, I.T, Product & Services Development)

Course fee – Free

Course date and timing – Will be informed to you in advance, once you join.

Course contents

The Agile methodologies – An overview
  • What is Agile?
  • Where can it be applied?
  • Leading agile frameworks
    • SCRUM
    • Kanban
  • Can the best practices of agile be used in any type of project or is it only I.T projects?
Overview of SCRUM
  • The scrum overview
  • Key scrum roles
  • Scrum ceremonies
    • Sprint planning
    • Sprinting
    • Daily Scrum (Daily stand up meeting)
    • Sprint review
    • Sprint retrospective
  • Scrum artefacts
    • Product backlog
    • Tracking board
    • Burn down charts
  • Scrum master roles and responsibilities
  • Scrum team roles and responsibilities
  • Scaling up scrum
  • Distributed scrum
  • Challenges while implementing
Overview of Kanban

When to apply scrum, and when to apply Kanban

Application of agile best practices within traditional projects