Project Integration management

Business have business strategies. Project portfolio is decided to support the business strategy of the organization. Project portfolio contains projects and programs. Within projects we have multiple disciplines operating like Quality assurance, Risk management, Procurement, Engineering, Procurement, Construction etc. These disciplines must work together to deliver the project’s objectives.

Project’s should contribute to the programs objectives if they are part of a program. Both standalone projects and programs must cater to the goals of the portfolio and to the achievement of the organizational goals.

This calls for the continuous integration of the efforts of all stakeholders of the project. The integration efforts of the projects must be planned, executed, monitored and controlled for the success of the project.

Project integration management processes spread across the five process groups

Structured approach to integration management comprises of;

  • Developing the project’s charter
  • Developing the project’s management plan
  • Directing and managing the work according to the plan
  • Capturing the knowledge gained while executing the work
  • Monitoring and controlling the project’s work to ensure integration
  • Managing changes according to the change control process of the project
  • Formally closing the phases of the project and finally the project itself.

Commonly used tools and techniques

Artifacts associated with integration management


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