Welcome to the scrumlance project page.

What is scrumlance?

Small community of dedicated professionals working together remotely on interesting and demanding projects following scrum practices.

What type of projects?

Though scrum framework was developed for I.T projects, it can be effectively leveraged for other disciplines ranging from writing a book, launching marketing programs, developing complex products or services etc.

Will one get paid for the work done through Scrumlance?

Of course. Scrumlance connects the product owner and the development team with a formal agile contract signed between the product owner and the development team members which is legally and spiritually binding.

Is knowledge of scrum essential?

Yes, knowledge of scrum is very much essential. Scrum related certifications are not mandatory to be part of scrumlance. We will provide you with free scrum learning opportunities.

What is the next step?

Join the scrumlance community and start interacting with others. Contact us.

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