How to conduct brainstorming?

The moment one is a manager it becomes mandatory to collaborate with others and play on the strengths of others. Brainstorming is a great tool which will help to collaborate intellectually. It is possible to brainstorm even remotely using collaboration tools like skype, teams, zoom, gtalk, gotomeeting, gtalk etc as long as we follow the … Read more

Effective bench marking steps

Do you want to learn and improve fast? It could be your product, project, process or even you as a professional. The best approach would be to bench mark with a better product, project, process or professional with an intent to learn and improve faster. This is a smarter approach than trying to re-invent the wheel by yourself, which is both expensive and time consuming.

Sprint Planning Meeting Guidelines

Of all the ceremonies in SCRUM, sprint planning meeting is the most value adding, if managed well. A well managed sprint planning meeting provides amble opportunities to discuss divergent views before converging on the best. This facilitates dialogue among the team members, which adds tremendous opportunity to learn from each other, resulting in enhancement of the capability of the team to produce better results faster. This blog post examines the fundamental guidelines to run effective sprint planning meetings. Read more…

Application and Benefits of Agile in EPC Projects

During the last two decades Agile Project Management (APM) has matured in the Information technology projects. Now the time has come for other project disciplines to embrace the agile best practices to work efficiently remotely, which has become the norm of the day. Below are the benefits reported by the early adopters of agile in … Read more

Earned Schedule Management

Introduction For projects which has to focus primarily on the schedule only, Earned Value Management becomes an over kill. More than that, at the completion of the project, schedule variance will be shown as zero even for a late project because towards the end of the project both planned value (PV) and earned value (EV) … Read more