We are in the business of co-creating value through collaborative research, development and dissemination of tangible benefits in the project management domain.

PMRI is a platform for like minded professionals with proven track record in their domain of specialization to collaborate, create value and share it with the rest of the world.

As of now these are the key activities we are focusing on;

  • Research – we do focused research in the project management domain and create articles, webinars, white papers, videos which are shared either in the public domain or for our customer’s specific use.
  • Training – We deliver both paid and free training programs and webinars in the project management domain
  • Consulting
    • Improving agility of project teams
    • Implementing Earned Value Management based project management
    • Integrated progress monitoring and control
    • Application of artificial intelligence in project management

If you are interested to associate, please contact us