Evolution of the Hybrid Project Management Manifesto

So far, project management had two distinct streams, the Adaptive (Agile) and the Predictive (traditional). The purists believed in any one of the streams. They are busy justifying their views. Over years of practice, the non aligned practitioners like me, started to see benefits in tailoring the project’s processes from the agile and traditional repository of best practices. One reason for this is because each had it’s strengths and weaknesses. This led to the third stream of project management known as ‘Hybrid’ project management.

The Hybrid Manifesto are our thoughts about the right attitude and spirit for successful adoption and excellence of Hybrid project management without any fear of violating either adaptive or predictive styles. I hope, this will help project management practitioners to increase project success rate by healthy adoption of Hybrid project management without any professional guilt.

I am very optimistic about this, because there are many who opposes this view as well as those support this view. It is high time we stopped saying ‘Agile Vs Waterfall’, instead we must learn to say ‘Agile and Waterfall’. While some product development projects in the software domain are good fits for agile, for many of the fixed price, fixed scope projects, pure agile will not work. Nothing is good or bad, the project context determines it’s suitability.

Hope Hybrid manifesto will help us to focus on the project’s success than worrying about the merits and demerits of frameworks.

The Hybrid manifesto is evolving.

The Hybrid Project Management Manifesto

As practitioners of Hybrid Project Management, We believe that;

  • All projects are unique in nature
  • All project management frameworks have their strengths and weaknesses
  • Tailoring the processes to be followed in the project, by incorporating the best from every project management framework is better than aligning with any one framework

For this;

  • We will continuously update our knowledge and skills without any bias to any one particular project management framework
  • We will always maintain a non-aligned open view in all our actions

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